“Seasons, Summer,” Edward Burne-Jones, WikiArt.

Night quiet-cool, gentle breeze, sounds
Traveled amongst cliffs and hills, ocean’s
Rhythmic call, first birds stirring, awaiting
Sunrise, melodies of sheep bells, island-
Living harmonies, I arose from sleep to
Dark venture, beneath stars, bare feet on
Damp earth, one shoulder revealed, all
Modesty permitted, fears of being seen,
Scolded, yet, I, Willow, felt naked oneness,
Joyous reveries, serenity of starlight.

Whispered words, first singing, what soul-
Flowing refrains should I aspire? Praises,
Golden-dawn delights, feelings deeper
Than ever known rushed forth. “I am here,”
Announced I to cloud-floating moon, my
Skin equal-pale, light-reflecting. To fore-
Shore we walked, guiding glittering tides,
Nightgown to pebbly beach feet-falling,
Freedoms felt, into surf I stepped, knees,
Hips, breasts foaming brine embraced.

Heart throbbing, new-found blush, song of
Myself I sang, “O! Brimming soul, life’s cup,
Upon moonlit waves overflowed, this night
Changes felt, visceral fountain, this island
Life, girl wave-stepping now woman ocean-
Dwelling.” Naked, I stood self-realized. What
Would life bring? Pleasures, trails, grief, above
All – sea resolve. First daylight, in hillside-
Silence mother waited, nodding recognition,
My new life found, new breath breathed.

Here, Willow transitioned from adolescent girl to young woman. What imagery indicates this life-change? Will future poems will also reflect this transformation?  Willow is a Thera-like poetic character, appears to be enduring,  not transitory. Thanks for reading. 

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