“Druids: Bringing in Mistletoe,” George Henry, 1890, WikiArt.

Part 2: Ancient Earth Forces

“Child, what secrets do you hold? Vivanya
Asked of me. Beneath our hillside, island
Families built rock-lined spring, catching
New-found water. “Survival of this island,”
I, Willow, whispered. “Ebb and flow of time
And tide. What secrets flow through you,
Elder mother?” Beyond divining rod and
Water, Vivanya explained. “Stars above,
Creation forces, deific thoughts this day
Still resounding, connecting land and sea.”
Like compass needle seeking magnetic
North, divining rod for water searched.

Strands of my hair, Vivanyna plucked, to
Wind released, “Let yourself become one
With ancient earth forces. See and feel as
I, as Druids held in high regard.” Eternal
Equilibrium, Vivanya called it, celestial songs
Within her ever ringing, her voice singing,
Water detecting, living stream, fluid forces
Flowing, with divining rod, one became.
Wishbone branch I grasped, breeze-gentle
Holding. “Let it be acquainted with your
Touch,” Vivanya advised. “Embrace childlike
Thoughts, wave-adrift in papa’s fishing boat.

O! Sea-rounded earth, rotating magnetic
Sphere, purple air surrounded, single word
Divinely voiced to mind: “Circumambience.”
I was here, rocky heights, and was equally
There, twixt two poles, mortal frame and
Living flame. Spell broken, ground collapsing,
“Vivanya, entrance of portal door, I stood,
Not prepared for opening, such visions,
Secrets my eyes unveiled.” “Where was
Water?” she asked. Like tree branches under-
Ground, arising from single trunk, island
Womb, adolescent girl, bare-feet walking.

Mystical interpretation of water divining…
Poem concludes with Part 3. Thanks for reading.

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