Razed down by ice to cold bedrock
Where Vikings landed ten centuries ago,
Look here my friend and do take stock,
We’re Newfoundlanders, let it show!

I know your eyes cannot help but behold
The wondrous beauty of our home
Where columns of craggy purple rock unfold
And plummet deep into boiling foam.

Rock and water eternally opposed
One in steep-sided defiance resists,
The other in continual waves persists
Clashing, crashing like unending foes.

Even from the broad, safe cliff top
The interaction is heard from a far
When a rolling breaker is suddenly stopped
It protests in vanquished roars.

And when I look at you, what do I see?
Wishing sad-faced for the cod industry
To return to the days like you father knew
And for the heady days of his father, too.

But listen my friend, don’t be malcontent.
The boats are still; the nets dry rot.
Life is hard even here in Heart’s Content;
Difficulty and uncertainty are now our lot.

Inspired by hardy Newfoundland families who take Northern cod on coastal waters and on the Grand Banks.


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