Gloriously reborn, water and blue flame.
Gloriously reborn, water and blue flame.

Our day at the ocean beach was time for honesty,
Her feelings and intensions  deceptive. Eyes wide
Open to my desires and preferences, she taunted
Passions, female fires: sun, salt air, ethanol —
Accelerants, volatile and clear.

Splayed across a beach towel, she denied every-
Thing, ignorance of ages. Oiled and caressed by
Ocean breezes, a quick kiss caught her off guard.
Amongst unyielding rocks, she realized too late,
Impassioned currents unwittingly swept her to
Foreign shores.

Once revealed to spectral wonders, her fair eyes
And innocence were undone. Vibrant rising sun
On dancing, azure waves, UV delights, singes and
Burns persisted into star-strewn nights, no
Turning back, a restless soul lost to sensual
Storms on boundless silver seas.

At first she struggled, bronze arms and legs
Failing, heaving breasts, stripped and starved,
Pulses bounding. Helpless, she never escaped
Our toweled seclusion or my tattooed muscled
Arms as I brought her to love’s ecstasy, tender
Mercies of corruption in naked daylight.

Day at the beach, girl on a beam reach, wind
In sun-bleached hair, undaunted, she plotted a
True course to ocean’s edge. Enslaved beneath a
Scornful moon, twixt lust and love, tears
Streaming, she perished by my hand, defiled
Flesh and bone, cup of pain, gloriously reborn,
Water and blue flame.

Flight of fancy, thanks for reading this poem. 

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