"Sleeping Katya," Zinaida Serebriakova, 1945, WikiArt photo.
“Sleeping Katya,” Zinaida Serebriakova, 1945, WikiArt photo.

How do we reconcile who and what we were and
Who and what we are now? Within one year, we
Have both changed, in some ways dramatically.
My memories mercurial of who and what we were,
My mind rewrote to quell heart pains, nights spent
Alone. Now that we are married couple, we have
Willingly come together in love without disparities.

How do our souls reconcile the old and new us?
What magic performed? Sleeping together, arm-
In-arm, what was then and now merge, rewritten
In heart and mind. Listening to you breathe, once
Again in rhythm with mine. Touching is physical
Us, yet during slumberous moments, our souls
Meet, time and distance are dispelled, hurt, real
Or imagined, sea-washed away.

I understand why you sleep so deeply in my bed.
You have returned home, familiar blankets and
Pillows, place where tedious past does not exist,
Where our life and future are made, where our
Love returns anew in warm blanket folds, arms
Reaching, reassurance awakening to dawning
Light. So, my love, rest and let your soul renew.
Sleep whilst I’m here, watching over you.

Turning point in life, expressed and shared through poetry,
life and verse continuing, converging on time-divided waters.

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