"Pine Forest," Ivan Shishkin, 1885, WikiArt.
“Pine Forest,” Ivan Shishkin, 1885, WikiArt.

In your absence, my love, what do I hold
Dear? Children, family? Spruce forests,
For evenings amongst them, I attained
Solace. By lantern light, I prayed, cried,
And yes, screamed at gods for sending
You to war. O! Silent sentinels, how I
Pleaded for them to listen. Treetops wind-
Waving, angst and agonies, husband
Wishing, I collapsed, hugging, kissing
Naked trunk, stiff-fragrant branches,
Wife’s welling tears.

By entrancing wine and flowered hair,
I danced with deep boughs, ivory gown,
Necklace decorating evergreen arms,
Sticky sap upon my face and hands, I
Tasted your spouting seed. Lover’s torches
Flared,  three children made. O! Trumpets
Sang aloud! Consuming passions of rainy
Nights, storm clouds descending, receptive
To thunderous thrusts, bodies entwined,
Gods blessing our newly planted child,
Taking root as towering sylvan groves.

"Youth and Time," John William Godward, 1901, WikiArt.
“Youth and Time,” John William Godward, 1901, WikiArt.

My womb fulfilled, I had become Mother
Earth, freshly tilled, seed sewn upon fertile
Fields. Such pungent memories of spruce
Forests, dawning light returning home,
Feet bare-quiet, hair undone, unbathed,
Two souls joined, divine light existed around
Belovéd trees. For all things we have done
Upon these spruce-clad hills, war-torn
Worried plights, I return to these wilds,
To lie where we have lain, crying aloud,
“Forever I pledge my love to you.”

Confessions of Greek wife-mother whilst her husband
is away at war, Athens to Rhodes, pleas and prayers
rising to watchful spruces, to immortal gods.  

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