“Girls by the Sea,” Paul Delvaux, 1928, WikiArt.

Ignoring time together, we had drifted too
Far from shore, emotionally more than
Physically, both were true, palpably real.
We had lost sight of land, firm-footing,
Anchor grounding we needed to stay alive,
Afloat, in touch with passing world.

Almost without notice, months blended
Into years, sea and time did that, they have
Power, clockwork we could not stop, undo.
No one was at fault, not you. If blame is
Placed, say it was me, lover’s shadowy
Reflection in misty morning mirror.

We sit in silence, not pillow clutching
Couch corners, but 700 miles apart, air
Flight, rental car, overnight motel, ferry
Ride, obstacles venturing to and from,
More time, moving parts I cannot afford,
Even to bring you back home – again,
Silly games of once youthful lovers.

“Enigma,” Paul Delvaux, 1940, WikiArt.

One more time, I will do it, last time, lose
Work-week, paycheck, emotional gamble,
Flying  to Bangor in uncertainly, flying home
Together, winged silence in equal doubt,
Seats apart, isle and window, mixed drinks,
You sleeping whilst I cannot. From shore,
We had too far drifted.

Written whilst listening to “Long and Winding Road,”
The Beatles, 
“Let it Be” album. Otherwise, I’m listening
to “I Feel Fine.” 
Thanks for reading.     

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