“A Priestess,” John William Godward, 1894, Wikipedia.

Part 1: Bronze-Bolted Portal

From dreams, I awakened or sleep-entered,
Face, hands, body not my own, past life
Or future self, all round me askew. Blurred
Perceptions, languages foreign to my ears,
Gate confronted, dividing known, unknown,
Ancient verses learnt, threshold separating
Mortal from divine, ever thinking thought.
“What is Essence?” metallic voices asked,
Lightning-illuminated purple air. “Path, light,
Scripture?” I, Tizmay, offered, uncertain.

Earth trembling, through bronze-bolted
Portal I stepped, Goddess Sophia admitted,
Lifelessness yielded to twilight-gleaming
Presence. “Being without end,” stated clear-
Plurality. “Flame eternal, reason unchained,
Wisdom.” “Such exists?” in wonderment
Perplexed, realizing by thought existing –
Or by none-not. On mortal gate-side many
Remained, hidden to blind-wandering,
Except for few, sought goddess awakening.

Sun-beaming day, new creation, my sight
unveiled, heart-humbled, daren’t look back,
Gated threshold closed. Rarefied air breathed,
Hair, face sun-burnished, godly heights I rose,
Poetic verses instilled, pen to parchment,
No thinking thoughts barred. How ethereal
Flame burned purple-pure. Time unhinged,
Upward flowing sands, I viewed past and
Futurity, coming into being, away passing,
Single eye blink, sacred sameness shown.

New multi-part Tizmay poem, written after reading an article on
Parmenides and whilst listening to “Lunatic Fringe,” Red Rider —
Far as Siam, 1981. Turn up the volume. Thanks for reading. 

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