“Hymen,” Thomas Dewing, 1884, WikiArt.

Part 2: Orphic Hymn: To Divine Love

Laurels entangled, I, Tizmay, ventured
Toward ancient temple, breaking branches
Forbidden, for with each anguished push,
Pull, priestess suffered, engulfing moans,
From roots, rocky soil embedded, to skyward-
Climbing boughs. “O! Dear priestess, your
Name? Fear not pain, trespassing steps, for
You I will restore.” Wind-shivering vines,
Lofting mountain breeze, name announced:
Dianeme. Dictation from Theia, verses on
Papyri scrolls Dianeme scribed, minute
Brushes, sharpened reed pens, enchanted
Music of Orpheus, rustic poet-prophet.

Such wonders Theia-Dianeme realized, tears
Of joyous despair I shed, eyes wiped upon
Dianeme’s leaves. By soft-sprout leaflet-twigs,
She embraced my face and brow. Body
Naked in her clinging midst, arms, legs,
Woody vines enmeshed, dancing swayed,
Passions rising to mountaintop ecstasies,
Female flesh regarded, Dianene whispered,
“Tizmay, come claim my divinity.” Thus,
Blending mortal-divine, gods yielded, stars
In orbs aloof, sharing breaths, breasts
Heaving, our souls were vine-entwined.

One moment mortal, then divine, through
Deific eyes I witnessed, viscerally felt
Primordial life-spark, marrow quickening.
Lo! Laurel vines withering, Dianeme from
Earth burst forth, mirror image of myself.
Within her, I perceived truth, in gods’ image
Created, beaming sun, following shadow,
First of Orphic hymns Dianeme sang To
Love Divine
: “Unshakable heart, goddess
Admitted me, radiant presence shown, lifted
From humbled knees, our palms touched,
Fingers meshed, equals we stood enthroned,
Living flesh melded with beaming light.”

“Music,” Thomas Dewing, 1900, WikiArt.

“How we cared for one another, for without
Mirrored self, hollow emptiness felt, blessings
Lost, prayers earth-languishing. Wondering
Eyes, I strove to speak, words useless, both
Experiencing same desires, joys, two as one,
Steadfast in communion.” By these refrains,
Dianeme collapsed, I lifted her as hymns
Related, hands coupled, fingers meshed,
With likeness of myself I melded, blended,
Crashing seas, receptive shores, my world
Upended, bodies, souls satisfied, Lo! Mist
Rising, temple revealed. Of divinities, we
Equally relinquished, shared.

To learn more about Orphic Hymns, collection of 87 short religious
poems, see this informative link. Thanks for reading my attempt
at an Orphic-like hymn. 

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