Part 3: Duality of Realms (Last)

“Minerva in a Chariot,” Abbott Handerson Thayer, 1894, WikiArt.

Fading evening light, desert spread her veils,
Pastel purple hues, windblown cold descended,
Rippling desert sands at sandaled feet, first
Night-appearing stars, wide-orbing planets,
All perceived by day disappeared, no oasis,
Ancient temples, camel caravans, replaced by
Shadow-stalking self-doubt, despair, sorrow.
I turned toward Holy Father, on distant dune
Appeared, illuminated in divine light, wings
Transparent ascending, single thought conveyed:
“Follow your heart.” Lo! My spiritual journey
Ended as it began, or so I, Tizmay, believed,
Half-naked, darkness-chilled.

Cold moonlight, was I in absence or in presence
Of divinity? I knew not which, except for reali-
Zation:  immortal gods starlight dwelt, ever-
Thinking thought. Isolation from earthly ills,
Desert, their domain, fiery crucible, sin-purging
Mortal souls, hammer-anvil reshaping nomads,
Wanderers as healers, prophets, enlightened
Women and men, fountain-spring of papyri-
Written scripture, prose and verse. Thus, was
Not my destiny, dune-darkness drifting, lost
From guiding light. Robe, sash to feet falling,
I tread naked, heart, breasts bare, moon
Downward-reaching, midmost overhead.

Reflecting alabaster pale, sand-shifted marble
Pediments, place of death revealed, dead night-
Roamed, sunken eyes, leathery flesh bone-bound.
“Do you still see or feel?” I asked of corpse
near-rattling. “We live in god-given dreams,”
he replied, within arm’s reach, sans tongue or
Teeth. “We recollect nothing of past, know
Nothing of present, blessing or curse, unfolding
Future we behold, broad river flowing where no
Trickling stream exists. From these waters, sip
With us, enter into timeless dreams.” Alas!
Divination in their sleep, water to lips tasted,
Desert barren transformed to ancient city-oasis.

“Liegende,” John William Godward, 1893, WikiArt.

From darkness, golden orb rose, horse-chariot
Ablaze, sunlight revealed, gardens, trees, place
Of learning, free thought, above intolerance of
Conflicting beliefs. “What Name?” I asked, my
Body fully clad. “Via Fortuna,” my soul-sister,
Apertay advised. “From this day, Tizmay, duality
Of realms is yours: hermetic woman, fields and
Forests wandering, and prophesy through dreams,
Visions mirror gazing, watery reflections derived.”
Center of my existence, home this sanctuary
Became, solace from earth’s self-perpetuated
Strife, I served future age, past and present
Time-cleansed by shifting desert sands.

Real or imaginary, for more on this topic, see Aristotle’s
“On Prophesying by Dreams,” 350 BC. Thanks for reading.

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