“Azaleas,” Albert Joseph Moore, circa 1868, WikiArt.

Part 1: Apertay, Heaven’s Cloudless Sky

Solemn visits we made to cottage of Emete,
Elder woman who night died, gifts to family,
Fish, honeyed fruit, and bread. “I am here,”
Shimmering form she stated to me, Tizmay.
“My body is dead, yet I continue.” Relieved
Release from frail-failing body, she visualized
Two worlds, life-death touching. “They cry for
Their loss,” Emete explained, two generations
Of grieving children. “Another life awaits,
Sunlit grassy glade, vast and pleasant plains,
Where life’s wanderers are found, not lost.

By radiant hands she took mine, steps past
Cottage door threshold, traversing realms
Of light. “I am here,” I announced to Emete.
“My body is not dead, yet I am present here.”
Living-dead, two sides of coin, we shimmering
Stood tween earth, celestial destinies. Lo!
Across silver streams, radiant likeness of
Myself appeared, golden braids aflame.
“Fates untoward occur, Tizmay, untimely
Tragedy befall?” she asked, for I was
Confronted face-to-face with future
Self on shores where only dead aspired.

Moments witnessed, youthful Emete arose on
Cloudborne waves to expectant holy light.
Sans sandals, my two Tizmay-selves traversed
Streams parallel, mirrored reflections present-
Future, except for fleeting fingertips, never
Embracing or merged conjoining. “I understand
How and why you arrived,” she offered. “For
What wisdom do you seek?” “Your name,”
I asked, reasonable request. “Apertay, heaven’s
Cloudless sky.” Ancient meaning, I understood,
Elevated in mind, soul-passions surpassing
My pastoral life, single pearl in soul’s chain.

“Apricots,” Albert Joseph Moore, 1866, WikiArt.

“Observe and remember,” began Apertay,
“There is one divinity, gods many facets of
Larger mosaic, leaves unfurling from heaven-
Rooted vine, country climbing, sea crossing,
Mortal lives touched. From these waters,
Tizmay, sip with me, single touch to lips, your
Eyes visualize this truth, divinity of ever-
Thinking thought.” Humbled, to knees I fell,
My soul dawning daylight realizations filled.
O! Pain of heart, who I am, what I shall become,
Apertay’s measure pre-composed, hymns to
Higher gods she sang.

Concepts of divinity as “ever-thinking thought” were referenced from
Aristotle’s “Metaphysics, Book XII or Lambda, Part 9,” on divine thought,
“…and its thinking is a thinking on thinking.” 
Written whilst listening to
Max Richter’s “The Quality of Mercy.” Thanks for reading. 

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