“Winter’s foaming sea yearning for desolate, frozen sands.”

We longed for freedoms and tangles we
Both knew, simple pleasures, emotional
Complexities, embracing without fear
Or concern. Casual walks along island
Cliffs and meandering trails, rock and
Ferns. How did we know what awaited?

We agreed, meeting as times remembered,
Foreshore at low tide, where we could
Linger, winter’s foaming sea yearning for
Desolate, frozen sands. Yes, I wanted to
Gaze upon your face, eyes sun-filled,
Hold hands again, human pulsing warmth.

Beyond these what could we share? In
Busy tick of time, words left unspoken,
Another distance separated us. We took
Not the time to talk, to speak aloud our
Feelings, thoughts, and fears. In silence,
Things happened or failed to occur.

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