Tide-flooded boardwalk is screen capture from “Porlock Marsh” video by Nail and Richardson.

Chorus of heavenly voices, I am different now,
Floating amongst trees and cloud shadows, ebb
And flow of time on verdant earth, life-streaming
Years flooding my soul, beauty and harmony,
Conclusion of what I have known, yet whispers
Of new beginnings as rushing waters recede,
Struggle to renew, tidal Porlock Marsh.

We live not in isolation, man and island shores,
Fields and fragile seas, yet swift waves rolled
Landward by heavy hand of rain, flooding and
Erosion spread deep and wide beyond reach of
Englanders, stewards of towering bluffs and lofty
Wooded mountains, rising waters shimmering
Blue, wondrous Bristol Channel coastline.

Beaches showing fluid change, windswept combes
And moors, remember me, I am homelands, seen
And suffered much, vulnerable and resilient,
Malleable and at risk, who will preserve, protect
Seaward sloping strands? Look past tomorrow?
Understanding this land is to dwell in truth,
To revel in wisdom of the earth.

Based on Porlock Marsh Tidal video, this poem reflects 
recent heavy storms and damaging flooding in the UK.
Porlock video was filmed and produced by Alex Nail
and Guy Richardson.  

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