I. Pilgrims – Poseidon’s Temple

Temple of Poseidon, A. Savin, 2013, Wikipedia photo.
Temple of Poseidon, A. Savin, 2013, Wikipedia photo.

Beneath roiling alabaster clouds, Thyonē
Joined pilgrims in view of Mount Helicon,
Their sacred quest to Poseidon’s columned
Temple, rocky precipice overlooking Cape
Sounion, holy site of ancient Sea Lord.
There, they sought his blessings, his wisdom
Of ages, power over earthquakes, deep seas.

Resting overnight at edge of flowing springs,
Source of inspiration, music of chelys and
Flute, Doric lyrical odes recited, healthy and
Infirm, traveling in protected war truce, by
Foot or drawn carts, following strict religious
Rites, traditions required of Hellenic genera-
Tions, reverence to Olympic Pantheon gods.

Amongst Athena’s olive groves, verdant slopes,
Sheep grazing, they prayed, taking modest meals.
First to Chalkis shipyards their march led them,
Rowed triremes towering, machinations of
Massive oaken timbers, men, and metal, striped
Sails billowing in light air, Greek fighting ships
Battle-ready, sword and shield, for naval siege.

By merchant ship the pilgrims sailed, safe
Passage along white-crested Euboean Gulf,
Where by divine plan Thyonē met Althea,
Daughter of grey-eyed Athena, their protector
For this voyage of windswept brine on Ægean
Seas, prayerful rest amongst Isle of Naxos,
Mountain home of Zeus, realm of ancient gods.

“When you want wisdom and insight as badly as you
want to breathe, it is then you shall have it.” ― Socrates

This concludes Part 1 of 4. The next section is
“II. Althea – Xenephon’s “Anabasis.”

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