Never-Ending Beach, Assateague Island, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.
Never-Ending Beach, Assateague Island, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.

Dear Thisbe on dark-pitching seas, you
Found me, searching through centuries
Past to attain knowledge from your gods,
For I am neither priestess nor sighted
Oracle, only mortal poet. Time-torn, your
Weary heart may rest quietly with me.

Yet, in reeling moments I realized it was not
You alone who ventured over time-held
Oceans, for we have at airy crossroads met,
Celestial and magnific, rosy dawning light
Upon ancient seas, our passing ships pressed
As one, wood sailing boat to hull of steel.

“All day-long the silver foam we clave,
Wind in well-stretched canvas following free,
Till sun stooped beneath the western wave,
And darkness veiled spaces of the sea. Then
To bounding shore-lands came we to those
Gods from sweet light are secluded well.”*

From ancient poets I have learned of your
Attic past, Iliad and Odyssey, epic stories
Recounted in Homer’s verse. So, my friend
Of Athens, of olive groves and alabaster
Ægean shores, take my hand, my companion
Be, to explore this never-ending beach.

Hold close to me you must, for the gods
Have given me their trust, to bring another
Who seeks divinity on bended knee, to give
Themselves totally free, as clouds part,
Primordial welling waves, O! Discerning
Light, to glimpse eternity.

*Homer, The Odyssey, stanza edited for this poem.
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