"Lighthouse at Alexandria," Salvador Dali, 1954, WikiArt.
“Lighthouse at Alexandria,” Salvador Dali, 1954, WikiArt.

Part 5: Muted Birds in Gilded Gage

Upon Alexandria lighthouse spires, violet light
Burned bright, St. Elmo’s Fire harbour men
Surmised until on flaming wings, fiery blaze
Descended to ships and docks. Lo! City burst
Aflame, library now in smoky peril. In circle
Of revolving light, Aion cast Alexandria upon
Timeless waves, all things frozen, except for
Theron, his daughters, as they witnessed wide-
Circling maelstrom swallowing collections
From niches and from shelves, truth and
Knowledge, mortal and divine, seized by
Aion’s vaporous void.

From his immortal years on earth, Theron
Realized all was amiss. Aion was not saving
Papyri from destroying blaze, but removing
All knowledge of gods, their interactions with
Race of men. For within Theron, Sidony and
Youngest Leandra, all poetry and hymns had
Vanished, verses learnt as children swept into
Darkness of revolving time. As great library
Burned to ground, thousand were forever
Cheated from collected wisdom of earth ages.

Once returned to Cyprus mountaintop temple,
Aion stated, “Theron, my actions I need not
Explain. With knowledge of the gods, man has
Turned to war on foreign battlefields, blood-
Tinged seashores, ravaged farms, pasture-lands,
Families killed for cattle, children dying on their
Beds, no heroes or glories in deific eyes. Which
Is worse to cause or postpone such atrocities,
Rage-blind prophets advocating killing in name
Of same or different gods?”

"St. Catherine of Alexandria," Raphael, 1508, WikiArt.
“St. Catherine of Alexandria,” Raphael, 1508, WikiArt.

Within few moments, Antioch library burned,
Pastimes and joys of reading, languages learnt,
Vanished in Aion’s ceaseless void. Earth fell into
Silence, no verses of muse-composed poetry
Floated free upon the clouds, nor existed pained
Anguish of sword. Within dark months and
Years, man became like shriveled fruit too long
Upon the vine, no pleasure or vitality even to
Himself. Alas! As temple guests, Aion kept
Theron and his timeless daughters, muted
Birds in gilded cage.

Written whilst listening to “Time” by Hans Zimmer,
from original motion picture soundtrack “Inception,”
ethereal cover by Angèlia Grace.

Thus concludes this series of poems. Thanks for reading.

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