"A Kiss," Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1891, WikiArt.
“A Kiss,” Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1891, WikiArt.

Part 3: Theron’s Visions of Aion

Capes extending into ocean, Theron and his
Daughters arrived at Cypus harbor, citadel
Of sea-trade, Paphos. Ever-rising paths,
Pilgrimage they made to library-temple site.
Beneath olive groves they rested, grassy
Slopes their bed. As Theron slept, dream-
Visions filled his mind, images of divine,
Columned library, repository of wisdom
And knowledge, cloud-swept mountaintops,
Pediments protected by laurels and pines.

Upon rocky promontory, earth trembled,
Fiery eyes from sky emerged, mound once
Tumulus stone-fractured open, rising upward,
Ever moving circle, revolving sunlight gold
Infused, mercurial yet constant, pinions of
Time itself, separation of day and night,
Countless years and ages. Upon their knees,
Three fell, gaze averted from radiant deific
Form, head and torso descending upon
Rock-melting solar rays.

Thus, primordial divine spoke, “I am Aion,
Your creator, Theron, guardian of time eternal,
No past, no present or future, with me they
Have no substance-being. Stand and approach.”
Daughters at his side, Theron stepped forth,
Blaze illuminating hair and face. “Time and
Clay admixed, mortal flesh, two libraries gods
Shall save, planetary wisdom preserved for
Ages, beyond this summit temple. For as
Fire destroys, flames inspire, columns and
Porticoes wrested from living stone.”

"Acropolis from Areopagus," G.F. Michaud, 2010, Wikipedia.
“Acropolis from Areopagus,” G.F. Michaud, 2010, Wikipedia.

As if once earth confined, gleaming temple
Arose, marble, granite, libraries for collections
Of Alexandria and Antioch. Alas, in splendor,
Human figures stepped onto polished porticoes,
And in Theron’s acknowledgment, sky abound
In doves, three faces burnished by Aion’s light.
Within Leandra and Sidony genius welled, first
Of ancient manuscripts saved related in archaic
Form, Aion’s timeless beams, scribes quickened
By one charge: take pen and write.

For more on ancient city of Paphos, see this link:

Part 4 consists of two Aion-inspired fragments.

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