"The Secret," William_Adolphe Bouguereau, 1876, Wikiart.
“The Secret,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1876, Wikiart.

Part 2: Sisters Leandra and Sidony

Merchant sailing ship upon white-crested waves,
Stormy transit from ancient Antioch to Cyprus,
Sisters approached lone hooded figure, protection
Against windblown spray. “Father, we recognize
You,” older sibling offered, no response from
Dark-cloaked form. “We are your daughters,” the
Youngest stated. “From ages past, we are timeless
Like you.” His hood pulled back, Theron felt sea-
Wave realization wash over him. Before sisters
Stood young man, more brother than father.

Familial features spoke of distant love, romantic
Evenings along Iopolis hillsides, archaic decades
Before Antioch. Destroyed by earth tremors, Theron
Believed he lost wife and daughters. Yet, Leandra
And Sidony survived, not as immortals but time-
Farers, stepping stones across life-streams, they
Awakened in safety of time-place. “Father, we are
Alexandrines,” stated older Sidony. “Foreseen is
Destruction of Royal Library, your wisdom we
Seek, saving scrolls and tablets.”

O! Theron, countless lives you have known, lost
In ruins of crumbling villages, families sacrificed
By war and famine. Lo! Two daughters appeared,
Seclusion of ocean waves, divine blessing fate-
Twisted by the gods, your prayers answered,
Enduring life given purpose of time-sailing helm.
Upon rugged mounts of Cyprus, library you shall
Build, time-sequestered and cloud-swept, bold
Endeavors you shall dream on uplifting seas,
Two daughters, blossoms of love and beauty.

Acropolis of Athens, Leo von Klenze, 1846, Wikipedia.
“Acropolis of Athens,” Leo von Klenze, 1846, Wikipedia.

As legend tells, what was time-severed was now
Regained, Theron and his daughters by lantern
Light and sea-spray renewed their lives, and on
Narrow berth, dreams in sea-swells rose, voice
Of ancient gods to Theron spoke, golden chariot
To Cypriot mountaintops, by earth tremors, level
Foundation made, for works of gods and men
Would be lost in fiery library blaze, protected
In gleaming temples, divine calling, Theron
Saving Alexandria and Antioch.

Archaeological evidence shows temple construction on Cyprus
began circa 4000 B.C.E. For more, see this link 
with accompanying
“City of Gold” video of temple-tomb reconstructions.

Link to “City of Gold” book on Amazon:
https://www.amazon.com/City-Gold-Archaeology-Chrysochous-University/dp/030017439X  Places poetry takes us…

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