"Youth and Time," John William Godward, 1901, WikiArt.
“Youth and Time,” John William Godward, 1901, WikiArt.

Part 1: Immortal Theron

He lived not under death’s shadow, Theron
Discovered during fighting war, untouched by
Mortal injury or disease. Wounded, moments
He laid unconscious, awakened, life returned
Whilst fallen comrades, bloodless and death-
Pale, awaited funeral pyres. Mountain meadow
Wanderer, immortal Theron became, amongst
Shepherd clans he married, fathered children,
Life-ages but fleeting chapters, his memories
Heavy-burdened, by time grief-lessened.

Places of permanence Theron sought, temples
To gods, enduring marble columns, sanctity of
Naos chambers, sequestered sanctuaries, serving
As priests and oracles, as historical scholar at
Library at Antioch, augmenting ancient records,
Marginal notes on papyri scrolls, details limited
To avoid discovery, relating ancient heroes and
Their exploits, accounts accurately described,
Theron’s histories dutifully recorded through
Inked lines, anonymously inscribed.

O! Theron, fragility of life and knowledge he
Perceived, warring deaths, destructive fires,
His children’s children lost to ravages of old
Age, bones desiccated in burial tombs. Gods
Remembered Theron’s creation, immortal
Light instilled in sinew and bone, no abstract
Equality, when race of men were akin to
Walking deities, senses beyond touch and
Sight, blessed with skills and knowledge
Unrevoked by war’s slaughtering sword.

For Theron no permanence was attained as
Brittle scrolls burned in library blaze, funeral
Pyres of truth and knowledge, mass ignorance
Widespread. Thus, Theron to gods prayed, loss
Of immortality, curator of collections, ancient
Library, to study and catalog, preserving lost
Papyri from fated destruction, prophesies and
Histories, prose and poetry, hymns silenced,
Cultures flame-consumed, unanswered peals
Of evening prayer bells.

"Art and Literature," William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1867, WikiArt.
“Art and Literature,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1867, WikiArt.

Lo! To Theron such service was god-granted,
No lessening of longevity, except to take his
Own life, weakened by time-strained infirmities.
Legend tells, Theron mountain-stream slept,
Weeks elevated amongst the gods, hallowed
Ways learnt, waking to eat, bathe,  and to
Trance returned, from “Book of Life” sacred
Texts his heart-filled. On sailing ship, Theron
To Cyprus set forth, where upon cresting waves,
Two Alexandrian sisters he encountered.

Historically, ancient and modern-era libraries have
been burned or destroyed by accident or intentional
acts of cultural cleansing. Two noteworthy libraries
destroyed were in Antioch and Alexandria. For more,
see this link:

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