Winter snow on Assateague Island, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.
Winter snow on Assateague Island, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.

Dawning winter ocean, subtle boundaries form
Where surf, sand, and snow meet, waves lapping,
Washing more than melting, ocean encroaching
Upon snow, fragile wind wavelets, mingling in
Frozen surf, no expectation of belonging except
To sea and cloud, interactions variable though
Perpetual along barren stretches of beach.

How do I walk this delicate windswept strand?
Amongst safety of sand-clinging snow? Or upon
Fingers of surf on dark sand reaching vulnerable
Flakes? This meandering course I took, placing
Myself between sea and snow, I became witness,
Participant even, to all described, surf lapping at
My boots, snow-covered then ocean washed.

At wave-edge, sand was hard-packed and shell-
Less, I left no footprints, no impressions of my
Presence, except for trespasses into fugitive snow.
For amongst the sea, I, too, was vulnerable as snow
Upon dark cresting waves, defiler of this narrow
Isthmus. Unacknowledged by ocean might, such
Realizations of the infinite touched my soul.

Beaks in warm feathers, seagulls on Assateague Island snow.
Beaks in warm feathers, seagulls huddle on Assateague Island snow.

As tides ebbed and flowed, snow held its grip upon
Seashores, waves retreating beyond destructive reach.
In grounded flocks, seabirds rested, facing radiant sun.
Winter winds mixed sand and snow, thin tendrils
Streaming across the beach, blowing over my boots,
I had witnessed desolation and strength of winter
Oceans, fragility of snow and self.

Transplanted from ancient Ægean islands, Thera,
muse, explores snow on frozen shores of
Assateague Island. 
For more on protecting this barrier
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