“Beaks snuggled into warmth of back feathers, night air too cold to breathe.”

Yes, I was there when ocean marshes
Froze, rivers ice-covered, ancient cold
Moved across seashores, hard grip I had
Never seen, awakening me by its relentless
Marching, relentless clutch on all I hold
Dear: beaches, sea-grass, surf gelled
Mid-wash on winter-hard sand.

Who would visit cold-desolate strands
During coldest of winter season? Gulls,
Geese, and ducks found no respite from
Frozen nights. Wind facing, how they
Yearned for first dawning light, morning
Sun, beaks snuggled into warmth of back
Feathers, night air too cold to breathe.

Starlit night, worst of bitter cold held
Hard  moments before rosy sunrise, faith
And hope for warmer days, gentle ocean
Breezes face embracing, hair sun-burnished,
Gown and sash flowing as surf washed
Feet and toes, sand-sinking steps, fond
Memories of my home, Ægean ocean isles.

After three months of silence, Thera (pronounced Thee-rah’) returned
with winter ocean poem. For more about Thera, see this link:
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