"Autumn Vintage Festival," Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1877, WikiArt photo.
“Autumn Vintage Festival,” Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1877, WikiArt photo.

Come now, join me in winter solstice
Festivals, celebration and communion,
Mortal and divine, lamb without blemish
Sacrificed, blood spilled, mixed with
Earth, prayers by torchlight procession
For childbearing mothers, fertility and
New-born life, daylight now increasing,
Warm sun and growing seasons await.

Yes, I recall joys and wonders of these
Ancient rites, priests and worshipers,
Supper of sacred body and blood, for
Blessings and protection from illness
And disease, families, crops, and field
Beasts, rituals private and communal,
Food and gifts to child-bearing mothers.

During Greek antiquity, we worshipped
Not in temples, as they were dwellings
For gods when earth-visiting, priests and
Sanctuaries present, inner naos for deific
Statues. As archaic peoples, founts, rocky
Glens, and woodland sites were our verdant
Churches, places for prayers and praise.

"Holy Family with Angels and Saints," Lorenzo Lotto, WikiArt photo.
“Holy Family with Angels and Saints,” Lorenzo Lotto, WikiArt photo.

In birth celebration of Christian godson,
Vestiges exist between now and Attic
Greece and Roman Latania, connection
Of human and divine, not religious divi-
Sions, but timeless crossroads, mystic
Cults and festivals, uniting mankind in
Faith and in enduring gods we praise.

In this introspective poem, Thera recalls polytheistic
religious festivals of her Ægean past. She recognizes
aspects of Christianity and rites of ancient festivals
and is attempting to reconcile the two. 

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