"Antibes the Rocks of the Inlet," Eugen Boudin, WikiArt photo.
“Antibes the Rocks of the Inlet,” Eugen Boudin, WikiArt photo.

Thera, where and when? I live my days on
Ancient Ægean shores, oft times on fishing
Beaches or in my solitary room, white and
Spare, small balcony, overlooking the sea,
Watercolour wash, sky and ocean ever
Blending, white clouds billowing, divine
Brushstrokes of my creation.

From my balcony, I can almost touch trans-
Parent sky, though impossible to try, painted
Sphere for my delight, same never-ceasing
Ocean waves, and all that I perceive, god-
Created illusions, sea Nereid fishbowl, under
Watchful eyes as I roam beaches, mend nets,
Repair sails, each day torn anew.

My room is much the same, compact and
Bright with open window large, sailcloth
Curtains, small doorway to balcony. My
Furnishings few, mattress on floor, pillow
Of seagull feathers and old net pieces, table
And stool, place for shells, wave-polished
Glass, and warming lantern light.

Immortal skies of dawn, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shores.
Immortal skies of dawn, Virginia Atlantic Ocean shores.

Ancient gods created me, many siblings,
Nereids fallen from purposes divine, yet life
Given as they decreed, for when I sleep and
Rise, 100 years may pass, then again time
Is fluid either way, ceaseless seascapes,
Images of boats and fisherfolk, they know
Me not, Thera where and when.

Concerned her timeless world was fabricated for her
and Nereid siblings, Thera escaped to open ocean.
She poetically resides near or with 
me under immortal
dawning skies.. Her classical Ægean name is 
or swift voyage of moving waves. Will Thera be
discovered missing, where and when?

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