Light and cloud evening reflections.
Light and cloud evening reflections.

Seashore after spring rain, flooding, life
Renewed in ocean marshes, cleansing,
Stagnation washed away by freshening
Streams, skies clearing, sun shining. Cool
Salt breezes entering open windows at
Night, familiar sound of pouring rain,
My home adjacent to ocean pines.

Rain brings life to fields, first emerging
Corn stalks, deer return to grassy pastures,
Sanderlings feeding at lapping surf, sun
And trees reflecting in still water, ocean
Inlets shimmering beneath land-clinging
Clouds, sunlit lofty shapes and shadows
Moving over water and puddled land.

At dawn fishing boats leave, shore birds
Take to wing, first flying low over water,
Then rising on sun-warmed breezes, cycle
Of day begins, deer return to pine woods,
Grey herons returning to morning fishing
Spot, standing statue-like as fingerlings
Dart to safety of thick marsh grass.

Evening ocean pines and marsh reflections.
Evening ocean pines and marsh reflections.

With evening come rain clouds, blustery
Showers, scudding clouds on horizon, coat
Collars pulled up, old hats fitting snugly,
Pulling on boots, quick dash to trucks or
Boat docks, fishers returning, boats tied
Up or trailered, welcoming lights of home,
As spring rain descends on seashores.

Ocean muse, Thera (Thoe), recalls recent days of transforming spring rains on farmlands and seashores.   

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