"Sea Spell," Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1877, WikiArt photo.
“Sea Spell,” Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1877, WikiArt photo.

Formed from another deific spring,
Nereids were created, between mortal
And divine, filaments of light bathed in
Ancient Ægean Seas, personification of
Ocean skies, neither born nor dying, I
Guided Greek fisher-folk from antiquity,
Calm hands during violent sea storms.

My soul protected, I have existed in
Worlds not visible to mortal eyes, airy
Drifting, sleeping amongst ocean clouds,
Island mountains passing from lofty
Heights. Chaste and pure, I had no body
For intercourse or communion, void of
Purpose, no fulfilling breath or life.

Wresting from deific hands, I ventured
On my own, self-deliverance as ocean
Muse, lyrical verse, visions of oceans
And seashores, ships of sail, storms and
Radiant sun, decades of poetry written
Daily upon sea breezes, songs of mirth
And sail-torn tales recited by sea-lights.

"Dawn," William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1881, Wikiart photo.
“Dawn,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1881, Wikiart photo.

Yes, I have changed, metamorphosis of
Ocean Nereid, harmonies of holy choirs,
Welling waves of free verse reaching
Readers, wingéd thoughts, essence gentle
And endearing, for all things sea and
Clouds I have seen, and by seeing these,
Lo, I love poetry and dear readers, too.

Concluding poetry for 2015, this late-night Thera
poem of sea and clouds is dedicated to readers who
have followed me this year. Thank-you!

To my muse: “But the [sea] water stood all round her,
bowed into the semblance of a mountain.” Hesoid.

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