"Reflecting waters calm and pastel skies..."
“Reflecting waters calm and pastel skies…”

Amongst lofty clouds I reside, reflecting
Waters calm and pastel skies, rosy dusk
And golden dawn, grassy marshes and
Oceans broad, seaward stretching pines
And green fields, new home of unequaled
Tranquility, far distant from marbled
Islands of Greek antiquity.

Yet, ageless voices beckon me, “Thoe,”
One word required to heed helmsman’s
Call, return to protected Ægean Islands,
Familiar fisher-folk, azure waves boat
Sailing, my daily labours mending nets
And torn sails, memories of Nereid’s life,
Once my welcoming home.

Bright beams of sunlit clouds, heaven at its
Highest point, over-dwelling seas becalmed,
Following streams divine, currents course-
Directing, waves embracing coves and bays.
Here, I washed ashore, new family found,
Fishers much the same, boats without sails,
As in timeless past, working nets remained.

Atlantic Ocean Dawn, Virginia Coastal Waters.
“Bright beams of sunlit clouds…”

For now, I am reluctant island wanderer,
Strands leading to one home or another.
How should I beckon you, with songs of
Our first meeting, stanzas in free verse?
You are worthy of my praise, ocean poetry
Of cresting waves and seashores joining
Us, waters calm reflecting pastel skies.

Responding to beckoning voices of her ancient
past, Thera returned home as “Thoe,” Nereid of
Ægean Island seas. For several days, she wandered
Island strands, reappearing to compose this poem,
Here, Thera will reside on Atlantic Ocean shores.

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