Thera Poetry

Who is Thera? She may be related to Homer’s “Thoe” (Θόη), an Ægean Ocean nereid or an oceanid, symbolizing beauty and kindness of the sea. Whilst not one of the classical nine muses, Thera (pronounced Thee-rah’) is poetic and searches for seaside places to linger, amongst lighthouses and lighted channel markers. I hope you enjoy these poems.

  • 1040. Thera, Ocean Memories
    Ocean air mixing with seawater, sunlit Mist arose, vaporous radiance coalescing, Accumulating, clouds clinging to cresting Waves. Here, I have existed for unknown Decades, cupped in deific hands, warmth Sleeping, […]
  • 1039. Thera, Promise of Spring
    Frosty morning, warming afternoon, spring Promise in the air. I can sense it, Robins in Woods, bathing in icy puddles, running few Steps, head turning, listening to ground. “Spring is […]
  • 1038. Thera, Winter Ocean Cold
    Yes, I was there when ocean marshes Froze, rivers ice-covered, ancient cold Moved across seashores, hard grip I had Never seen, awakening me by its relentless Marching, relentless clutch on […]
  • 988. Thera, Ocean-Edge
    Ocean-edge is my dwelling place, lapping Surf meets sand, here in quiet footsteps I tread, where wetness persists, rushing And retreating surf, footprints washed Away. Was I really there? Perhaps […]
  • 713. Thera, August Heat
    Awakened by heat, mid-August days I Remember, scorching crops, burning Beaches, tepid Ægean Sea, fish avoiding Warm waves, lingering deep and dark, Where they could better breathe, amongst Sunken wrecks, […]
  • 639. Thera, Seashore Rain
    Seashore after spring rain, flooding, life Renewed in ocean marshes, cleansing, Stagnation washed away by freshening Streams, skies clearing, sun shining. Cool Salt breezes entering open windows at Night, familiar […]
  • 627. Thera, Sea-Foam Clouds
    Beyond ocean shores, I had awakened, Lofting high, sunny warmth, billowing Clouds, drifting as days grew longer, Bright sun rising higher until solstice Celebrations sends my sea companion Toward distant […]
  • 595. Thera, Ocean Prayers
    Wave-washed sandy isles, clear-flowing Streams, my heart moved round as winter Cold recedes, silent prayers fulfilled, born Upon dawning light, my soul is restored As warming sun rises on horizon’s […]
  • 578. Thera, Winter Ocean Snow
    Dawning winter ocean, subtle boundaries form Where surf, sand, and snow meet, waves lapping, Washing more than melting, ocean encroaching Upon snow, fragile wind wavelets, mingling in Frozen surf, no […]
  • 570. Thera, Ocean Clouds
    Why do I love ocean clouds? Clinging To seashores, we are like each other, Sunlight floating, grey scudding. On Winter days, clouds remind of Ægean Island summer evenings, sky-floating Forms […]
  • 564. Thera, Winter Ocean Shores
    Must winter ocean shores be so cold? Clear dawn, classical planets ascending, Surf crystals freezing on windswept Beach, geese close-huddled with beaks In feathers hid, desolate planet, fringes Of sun […]
  • 558. Thera, Beholding Orion
    Stars shine brightly on winter nights, Breath in frosty streams, beholding Orion and his belt, high club wielding, Sword-bearing sky hunter since Greco- Roman times, Poseidon’s son, from Horizon depths […]
  • 557. Thera, Greek Memories
    Memories of early Greeks, would they be Recognized today? Farms, pasturelands, And seashores time-changed, few wooded Glens or highlands resisted ravages of war. Each culture redefined what was Hellas, As […]
  • 556. Thera, Eos Ocean Dawn
    Winter ocean dawn, timeless firmament, Thousands seen, each praised, ascending Sun, rising from rosy depths of starry Night, promise of warmth on frosty days, Faith and guidance, Eos in her […]
  • 555. Thera, Sea and Clouds
    Formed from another deific spring, Nereids were created, between mortal And divine, filaments of light bathed in Ancient Ægean Seas, personification of Ocean skies, neither born nor dying, I Guided […]
  • 554. Thera, Ocean Rain
    Desolate ocean strands, days of cold Rain, merging clouds and waves, water Falling from above, drops absorbed in Sand, ripples lost to surf over washing Dunes, slicing narrow isthmus. Amongst […]
  • 552. Thera, Reflections
    Amongst lofty clouds I reside, reflecting Waters calm and pastel skies, rosy dusk And golden dawn, grassy marshes and Oceans broad, seaward stretching pines And green fields, new home of […]
  • 550. Thera, Higher Light
    Higher light called love, sun dawning On ocean waves, reflections in flowing Fountains bright, subtle gleam of dark Eyes, felt and seen in Athenian youth, Blessing from immortal gods, two […]
  • 549. Thera, Ocean Voices
    Ocean voices, seashells sing in verse, Collected on sandy isles, each with Unique melodies, stories of the sea. How I write poetry, listening to their Salty calls, antique images in […]
  • 547. Thera, Winter Festivals
    Come now, join me in winter solstice Festivals, celebration and communion, Mortal and divine, lamb without blemish Sacrificed, blood spilled, mixed with Earth, prayers by torchlight procession For childbearing mothers, […]
  • 546. Thera, Sea-Lights
    On this crisp December morn, winter Solstice near, I ventured to ocean shores, Place of my creation by gods who knew My heart, dancing sea-lights gathered From the firmament of […]
  • 545. Thera, Secret Love
    In Homer’s “The Iliad,” I read of Thoê, minor References, certainly not heroic, daughter of Nereus, bare-breasted, idyllic life beneath sea, Crystal cave residing. Since then, my existence Consisted of […]
  • 543. Thera, Where and When?
    Thera, where and when? I live my days on Ancient Ægean shores, oft times on fishing Beaches or in my solitary room, white and Spare, small balcony, overlooking the sea, […]
  • 542. Thera, Sandal Found
    Tide incoming, sandal found amongst rocky Shores, bobbing in island surf, ancient leather, Bronze medallion on foot-top, time drifting Beneath ocean surface, persevering and pre- Served, its mate vanished decades […]
  • 541. Thera, Love and Light
    I’m someone who needs love, my world is Astray without its light. Love is lapping Ocean waves, smoothing sandy beaches, Washing up small seashells, decorations For my white sunlit room […]
  • 540. Thera, Nets and Sails
    Mending nets, repairing sails is what I do, Thera, maiden of Ægean Seas, surf-smooth Stones, waves lapping at my feet, coins in Basket, days in sun or shade of sails […]
  • 539. Thera and Demetrios
    Quiet days in sunlit rooms overlooking Ægean Sea, sailing ships and fishermen, sweet solitude Amongst clouds, caring for my son, Demetrios, Newborn at my breast, child I prayed for at […]
  • 460. Thera, Meadow Maiden
    Thera’s spiritual awakening came gradually, Visions and realizations, divine statements, Concerns of parents, followers of Demeter. On milk, bread, and honey, Thera was raised, Embroidered fillet she wore, flowers hair […]
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