"Eternal life-patterns my eyes behold..."
“Eternal life-patterns my eyes behold…”

Wave-washed sandy isles, clear-flowing
Streams, my heart moved round as winter
Cold recedes, silent prayers fulfilled, born
Upon dawning light, my soul is restored
As warming sun rises on horizon’s edge,
Pine twigs and flower petals I place into
Surf, offerings to gods of sea and sky.

I acknowledge unbreakable cords between
Mortals and blesséd gods, first flash of
Spring sunrise, I honour ageless connection
On early morning beach, one small soul in
Awe, standing before quiet-lapping surf,
Few steps I take, meeting of soul and sea,
Eternal life-patterns my eyes beheld.

Thus is my truth, sacred and holy, I am an
Ocean Nereid, confessions and exaltations
Made in solitude beneath vault of heavenly
Skies, newly born in spring. When ground
Beneath is rough, I find solace of seashores,
Shoulders of sand dunes, waving seagrass,
Seabirds, soaring wind-wingéd souls.

"Shoulders of sand dunes, waving seagrass..."
“Shoulders of sand dunes, waving seagrass…”

For now, throne of dawn has given rise to
Another blesséd day, warm sun will watch
Over me until given way to purple dusk and
Night dark, promise of the gods, their great
Oath, joys of spring and rebirth, seashores
And meadows, life is renewed, my prayer to
Oceans divine, my everlasting love.

Transplanted in time to present-day shores, Thera
(or Thoê), 
ocean Nereid, expresses love of her ancient
Ægean creators, Sea and
Light, acknowledging them
on this spring-like morning. Thera is a gentle soul,
a Greek muse who lingers along the shore. 

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