"Why do I love ocean clouds?" Thera or Thoe
“Why do I love ocean clouds?” Thera or Thoe

Why do I love ocean clouds? Clinging
To seashores, we are like each other,
Sunlight floating, grey scudding. On
Winter days, clouds remind of Ægean
Island summer evenings, sky-floating
Forms not too different but never the
Same, sky-souls to my Nereid eyes.

Ocean clouds evoke fond memories of
Greek fishing villages, repairing nets
And sails, toil of briny waves, pondering
Clouds off beach-shores, varieties end-
Less, forming, drifting, and dissolving,
Lofty life upon oceans, in birth reap-
Pearing without death or decay.

Some say clouds are lonely, hovering
High over sandy strands. With every-
Thing in sight, they watch surf and
Cresting waves, more akin to water
Than land, they stream aloft in merging
Pastel colours, surf reflecting moving
Radiance, pure sunlight.

"Companions of an ethereal type..."
“Companions of an ethereal type, passing overhead…”

Why do I love ocean clouds? They desire
Moon and stars for their own, for nights
Or permitting glimpses few, planets peek
Through and disappear in misty wisps,
Companions of an ethereal type, passing
Overhead, beyond reach of ocean clouds
And windswept sandy shores.

An Ægean Nereid, Thera expresses her love
of ocean clouds and her memories of life on
Greek island fishing village. For more on
Thera or Thoe, click here and scroll down.

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