"The Greek Girl," John Singer Sargent, circa 1878, WikiArt photo.
“The Greek Girl,” John Singer Sargent, circa 1878, WikiArt photo.

Mending nets, repairing sails is what I do,
Thera, maiden of Ægean Seas, surf-smooth
Stones, waves lapping at my feet, coins in
Basket, days in sun or shade of sails out-
Stretched, simple work serving fishing
Families at boat docks. Whilst I dare not
Venture onto welling seas, my nets swim
Ocean depths for me.

Some think me a slave girl, chained to land,
Parents poor, yet I am daughter of sea storm-
Lost merchant family, myself nearly drowned,
I struggled for strong net-pulling arms on
Fishing boats, white sails overhead my refuge,
Billowing angels of wind-taut cloth, returning
Me to safety of high-sloped shores, another
Chance to mend my life anew.

Fast swimming fish of bronze, I sing to thee,
Pulled from your watery homes, life given so
We may eat and honour gods in their festivals,
Life a mysterious cycle, why some live and
Others die, thoughts I weave as I make nets
Whole, patching sails to capture lofty air,
By my helping hands fishing boats come and
Go, gliding clouds on silver-crested seas.

Farewell for now island dwellers, those on
Distant shores who travel yielding oceans,
This dark-eyed maiden prays for your safe
Passage and arrival, sea birds circling on
Salty winds, guidance of sun, stars, and moon.
Listen for evening sea-songs as I drift to
Sleep, poetic wave riding in my dreams,
Lighted shores of home always in sight.

Another poem from Greek girl, Thera, on Ægean Sea
coastline, quiet gentle soul, who dreams in poetry. 

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