"Villa by the Sea," Arnold Böcklin, 1878, Kunstmusem, Winterthur, Switzerland, Wikiart photo.
“Villa by the Sea,” Arnold Böcklin, 1878, Kunstmusem, Winterthur, Switzerland, Wikiart photo.

I’m someone who needs love, my world is
Astray without its light. Love is lapping
Ocean waves, smoothing sandy beaches,
Washing up small seashells, decorations
For my white sunlit room or to adorn my
Hair, mirrored reflections saying that I’m
Loved by someone who cares.

Who wishes to walk love-desolate beaches
Alone? Just my footsteps on endless strands,
No one to hold or to protect me, when night
Storms blow hard rain in my lamp-lit room,
its light flickering as raindrops fall. Love is
making sure the lamp burns warm and
Steady until dawning light comes.

Who will be my love and light? Who will
Stay true course, even if I’m a simple
Ocean girl, net and sail mender, word-
Weaver of poems, like lines and ropes,
They hold fast in strong winds, my love
Of fisherfolk is what makes their knots
Hold fast throughout galing nights.

Predawn lights on Atlantic Ocean shore.
Predawn lights on Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.

For now, farewell Ægean Island dwellers,
Watch for my flickering ocean lights on
Moonless nights, clouds hide twinkling
Stars, when seabirds sleep all night.
I will show direction of home shores,
Gentle sea breezes, guiding push away
From harm to warm lamp light of home.

This is the third Thera poem. Who is Thera? She may be
related to Homer’s “Thoe” (Θόη), an Ægean Ocean nereid
or an oceanid, symbolizing beauty and kindness of the sea.
In childlike purity, Thera searches for seaside places to
linger, amongst lighthouses and lighted channel markers.

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