"The Love Letter," John William Godward," 1913, WikiArt photo.
“The Love Letter,” John William Godward,” 1913, WikiArt photo.

Higher light called love, sun dawning
On ocean waves, reflections in flowing
Fountains bright, subtle gleam of dark
Eyes, felt and seen in Athenian youth,
Blessing from immortal gods, two
Hearts and souls united, passions
Elevated on soaring eagle’s wings.

Within her face, I beheld sun and sea,
Lifted from watery depths, awakened
I became, transformed by purity and
Beauty instilled by single look, touch
Of gentle hands, kiss upon rosy lips,
Love growing from perfection that
Gods would not deny.

O! Simple and complex, our love
Exceeded colours of painter’s palate,
For there was no sunlight, no gold
Nor silver as seen within knowing
Eyes, my soul mirrored within,
Moon and stars rising, ancient
Ages returned in single glimpse.

"Dawn," William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1881, Wikiart photo.
“Dawn,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1881, WikiArt photo.

Alas! True intercourse, surpassing
All senses, taste and touch unbound,
Ever-flowing rivers in her arms,
Creation’s fiercer fires, she denied
Me not her love, for our ecstasies
Flowed both ways, in those moments
We were timeless as blesséd gods.

Thera reflects on classical love she has experienced
and seen. To deny love, is to deny eternal gods,
visions of infinity, all good and holy within one’s self.
For more, read Plato’s “Phædo or Immortality
of the Soul.”

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