"Eos," Evelyn De Morgan, 1895, Wikipedia photo.
“Eos,” Evelyn De Morgan, 1895, Wikipedia photo.

Winter ocean dawn, timeless firmament,
Thousands seen, each praised, ascending
Sun, rising from rosy depths of starry
Night, promise of warmth on frosty days,
Faith and guidance, Eos in her brilliance,
On bended knee prayers I made, humbled
In her deific beaming light.

For ancients, sun provided life, longer
Days, field warming, seed sowing, advent
Of growing seasons, neither passive nor
Invisible, fertility rites, conception and
Birth, bonfires burning, celebration of
Winter solstice, first glimmer of morning
Light, offerings made, animals sacrificed.

Primitives of Greek antiquity, fishers,
Farmers, and shepherds lived in faith,
Followed rustic customs, worshipped
Eos, dawn giving rise to ethereal and
Intangible, affirmation of beliefs, cycles
Of life and death, communion of gods,
Earth, and mortals, labours of families.

Dawn on frosty ocean marsh, Assateague Island, Virginia.
Dawn on frosty ocean marsh, Assateague Island, Virginia.

O! Glories of nature, Eos, heaven-goddess
Revealed by morning light, sky her temple,
Robes of radiant light, dispelling darkness,
Origin of all things, beyond sight of man.
Such are my memories of Eos, reverence
Of winter ocean dawn, then and now on
This pristine Atlantic Ocean marsh.

Thera relates her past experiences and beliefs regarding
Eos, ocean sunrises, winter solstice, and rustic life in ancient Greece, to keep alive the lost and hidden, those
things m
ost meaningful, the simple and humble.

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