"Reclining Bacchante," Augustine-Jean Moreau-Vauthier, 1892, Courtesy Musée d'Orsay.
“Reclining Bacchante,” Augustine-Jean Moreau-Vauthier, 1892, Courtesy Musée d’Orsay.

Part 1: Theia’s Pleas Touch Ismene

Through mist-shrouded mountain pines,
Theia drifted, beyond her reckoning, deific
Vitality diminished, Goddess of numerous
Names, her marble altar vine and thistle
Overgrown, once drawing strength from
Prayers and offerings, her followers and
Ceremonies were memory and time-lost.
As immortal. she feared not death, but non-
Existence, absence of loving worshipers.

Stretched vapour thin, Theia felt primordial
Call of Mother Gaia, releasing to Æther’s
Rosy dawn, becoming one with cloud and
Sky. Yet at oblivion’s edge, she reached out
To mortals, “This is Theia, save me at my
Mountain altar.” As her thoughts faded, they
Touched receptive mind, Ismene, daughter
Of Naxos Island fishing family, weary of
Perplexing voices Ismene discerned.

O! Gods and mortals entwined as one, they
Cannot exist alone, since antiquity, glory of
Greece, temples erected by labours of man,
Heavenly providers manifest in fertility, fruit
Of women and growing fields, child at milk-
Filled breasts, source of life, man and gods
Approach the other on temple steps, strength
And blessings given, illness, disease allayed,
Titaness sought those on Cycladic isles.

Divine shaping daily life, wind and rippling
Streams to Ismene spoke. “Take upward path,”
Waving trees sang, swaying branches revealed
Arduous path, climbing soul amongst laurel-
Clinging crags, vestiges of Theia beckoning,
With each rising trail, divine hope returned,
Prayers fulfilled, spirits within stone-gushing
Springs, clouds separated, sun illuminated
Mountaintops, nurturing places of the gods.

"Hesperus, Evening Star," Edward Burne-Jones, 1870, WikiArt photo.
“Hesperus, Evening Star,” Edward Burne-Jones, 1870, WikiArt photo.

No temple skyward reaching, Theia reigned
Sunlit altar, marble table east-west facing,
Flanked by statues of thyrsi-holding priests.
Goddess’ pale stone image supine, lifeless,
Declivity of divine, edifice thorn-ensnared,
Death shrine if young Ismene, in fear, fled
On frightened foot, struggling with upper
Stretches, family of Titanis anxious as
Expectations rose on transparent air.

Poem of duality of spirit, for more on Theia, see this link:

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