Part 2: Mirror-Gazing Affections

Quiet morning, kettle on, suspicious noise
I heard, sliding of glazed planter on porch
Stones. First thought, crows, raccoons, except
Flowering pot was too heavy. Before sips of
Warming tea, I found another love letter,
Same fine stationery, handwriting, beginning
With “Dear Sarah,” signed simply “A.”

Flowing robe, barefoot, I took to cobbled
Streets, in predawn light, veiled female form
Disappeared amongst waking aromas of
Eggs, sausages, coffee cooking, other than
Cat-attracting, streets were quiet-empty.
Ardent affections of anonymous (“A”?)
Lover sent me collapsing in my chair.

“Pangs of love, I feel no shame, mirrored
Reflection, I desire your longing gaze upon
My winter-pale body.” Winter-pale? I reread,
For it was early summer, trips to, from
Marketplace, beachcombing, my nose and
Arms were red, hair sun-burnished. Out loud
I laughed, “Marble statue loves me?”

Such effect A’s written words had upon me,
I gazed at naked self in dressing mirror,
Sheer scarf, face veiled, touch of silk on
Veined breasts, licentious living marble,
Her kisses viper’s venom. Hair undone, my
Body willing, open to her affections, more
So, her cruelest of torments. 

Thanks for reading.

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