Part 1: Anonymous Love Letter

How can something so small be conspicuous,
Occupying my thoughts, tantalizing my heart,
Vintage envelope, letter containing, delicate
Hand expressing her affections, her love, sent
Anonymously, vanilla scented, my imaginings
Of this mysterious sender. 

Her penned words I studied, flowing cursive
Hand, not indecipherable hen scratch, phrases
Poetic: “an awakening, feelings deep and clear,
Chaos of the heart, ruthless flame, eyes mirror
Bright.” Who has been this close, to spin such
Flattery? Send cruel jokes to me?

Letter rejected, into trash tossed, my heart
Refused manipulation, her platitudes all in
Vain. O! Self-questioning. How I yearned
For love expressed, pastel letter, envelope
I tucked beneath my pillow, in candle light,
Whispered words recited before I slept.

Restless night, haunting dreams, touches
Gentle of my admirer, breasts bared, I gave
Myself to her, secretly yet unashamed. Such
Spells she conjured, I reached impassioned
Heights. Blossoms sweet, if her feelings true,
I am transformed deep within.

Thanks for reading.

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