“Tamerlan’s Gate,” Vasily Vereshchagin, 1871, WikiArt.

Life has many pathways, mountain meandering,
Valleys steep sloping, cold-flowing streams,
Days of happiness, but one true destiny. Goat-
Herding family, tent dwellers, arduous lives
For generations, we lived as great ancestors.

Papa nearby village visited, returned with
Pony too old for scarf racing, existence thin
Pasture grazing. “His name Bryjema,” papa
Said, my happiness, daily companion for
Long treks, dead brush gathering for fires.

As plain pony, Bryjema, had no happiness
Until village-dressed accepted, bright yarn
streamers, collar with ringing bells. This day,
Happiness found us, pony, nomadic woman,
We sought shared destiny.

Tenzing is another poetic character with a pony.
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