“Sunrise in Himalayas,” Nicholas Roerich, 1935, WikiArt.

Part 5: Bewilderment Gave Way (Last)

Tedious steps descending to rocky moraine,
Fast-flowing streams, visit to Taygreté, one
Word haunted me: Bewilderment. Cymbals,
Drums, prayerful soul seeking divine, I,
Tenzing, left without enlightenment.

Lured by distant fire, Bryjema and I followed
Light guiding, traders resting for cold night.
Stranger again I encountered, mist-emerged
As he once vanished. “You finally returned,”
He stated. More bewilderment upon me.

“Visit with Taygreté was few days,” I said,
Perplexed. “No, two months,” countered he,
Days shorter, shadows longer, seasons had
Changed. Unable to sleep, we firelight talked.
“What you seek, comes gradually, Tenzing.”

“Darkness before dawn, you stumbled down
Mountainside, light seeking, warming fires.”
“Who are you, father?” In reverence I bowed.
“Wandering acquaintance, face in firelight,”
He offered, conversing until distant sunrise.

“Stand,” he said, by my shoulders taking me.
We turned toward fiery light summit, sun
Rising. O! How my heart in sadness broke,
For I rose from nothingness, then elevated,
Bewilderment gave way, Beyond the Beyond.

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