Part 6: Divine Duties Realized

“Modesty,” William-Adlophe Bouguereau, 1902, WikiArt.

Walking temple garden-groves, Symerya
Asked Dolius, “How many times, my lord,
Have I been so assigned, temple scribe,
Messenger, upon this life-dedicated path?”
“Since mankind began to write, inscribed
Verses on tablets of sun-baked clay, copper
Sheets verse-gleaming, stone walls, bearing
Living testaments to divine.” “What are my
Instructions, father?” For thousand decades,
They were ageless same: write of God true
And faithful, verses upwelling from Symerya’s
Heart, all things are born of woman, flesh
Mortal and divine.

For another lifetime, Symerya walked way of
Water, sipped from soul-restoring springs,
Within temple, garden grounds, time ceased
In ways men counted months and years, as
God’s messenger wrote verse on papyri, all
Good deeds in his name recorded for all to
Read. “In God’s love and understanding,
Welcome strangers, those in need, for their
Lives and beliefs are sacred, one unto the
Other. Nothing comes from insulting
Another’s beliefs, priests, or prophets.
Give thanks you both know God.”

“We each embody God’s perfection, light
Of his greater soul we each contain, silver
Threads connecting us to divine, life-to
Life. To know God, ask “Who am I?” What
Is my higher purpose?” Seek God and your
Calling: caring parents, healer, farmer, one
Who offers simple kindness. Honey-comb of
Life, each has God-given purpose. Lo! Face
Of God is revealed in loving eyes of children,
All sprouting seeds, fields of waving grain,
Fruit-bearing trees, blessings of God and
Mother earth. He is in every living thing.

“Chiesa San Clemente,” Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1863, WikiArt.

Thus was Semerya’s life in temple, this holy
Place of Prayer, time-swept amongst the sands,
Decades of omitted youth, soul enduring and
Obedient. For dozen times she lived, shawl to
Shroud to shawl again, life ended and renewed,
Her soul lifted to ethereal sky, resuming calling
Of messenger, transcribing holy wisdom, voices
Of the clouds, her faith propelling winds and
Guiding seas to each destiny. With realization
Of her duties divine, she sang her mantra aloud:
“Lo! I have seen, I have heard, I have learned
Scriptures of holy prophesy.”       

This concludes the “Semerya” series of poems. After a short break, perhaps another series will begin. In some ways “Sister Muriel” and “Semerya” were sisters, as they followed ways of God in different times and places. Thanks for reading.

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