“Petra, Ruins of Triumphal Arch,” David Roberts, WikiArt photo.

Part 5: One Candle Lights the Next

“In dream-visions, ancient temple exists, not
As sand-buried ruins, but living oasis, prayer
And enlightenment, welcoming all, prophets
And scribes of varying beliefs, gardens and
Tree encircled, water rising from deep wells,
Clear, soul-restoring streams, oft cloud-shaded
From beating sun, divine voices, descending on
Transparent wings.” These things you have seen
And written?” Dolius to Symerya asked. “Yes,
My lord. Thus is my mantra, such undaunted
Desires to travel by ship and camel caravan
to this holy Place of Prayer.

Camel-back riding, Symera recited verses from
Memory: “Blessed is oasis, island within desert
Sands, holy temple awaiting, essence of religion
Is protected from ills of mortal world.” Upon
Sun-scorched dunes, she exclaimed, “Lo! He is
Everywhere!” Glories returned by her Bedouin
Companions, for they realized, as did Dolius,
Temple ruins were illusion, grandeur-beauty
Of marble sanctuary was divinely protected by
Ethereal sphere, oasis restored, secrets held for
Ages, wisdom and knowledge, once again to
Visitors, revealed and shared.

As they temple approached, columns broken
To sand had fallen, pediments buried, bronze
Door of antechamber unhinged, looted except
For single marble burial crypt, ancient seal
Intact, inscription above lintel written: “I have
Seen, I have heard, I have learned scriptures
Of holy prophesy. Messenger Remleya rests
Therein.” Upon reading realization, Symerya
To hands and knees collapsed, her mantra in
Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek and Demonic
Script. “My other self is buried here. I must
See her, respects of life and death made.”

Mummy Portrait of a Young Woman, 3rd Century, Louvre, Paris, Wikipedia photo.

To Symerya, Dolius advised, “You alone seal
May break, wait we will outside temple doors.”
“Father, please remain at my side.” Her hands
Upon the seal, rush of stagnant air, mummy
Of elder woman revealed, gown in tatters,
Bones exposed to decaying air, portrait upon
Wall, sister-image of Symerya discovered.
Face of Remleya so preserved, recognizable
Since ages untold, hands crossed on her chest,
Holding copper plate inscribed: “As one candle
Lights the next, divine light shines, verses
And scripture penned, word of God fulfilled.”

Place of Prayer, temple restored, Symerya knew her destiny: 
temple protectoress and messenger dedicated to God.  This 
poetic series concludes with Part 6. Thanks for reading.

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