“Portrait of Jaroslava,” Alphonse Mucha, 1930, WikiArt.

Part 2: Prayers of Realization

Twined threads of life, sea and sky, touching
Yet opposed, I sail on soaring wings, upon
Bow of merchant ship, divinity revealed,
My soul transformed, daughter from family
Servitude escaped, mountain peaks of Crete
I perceive, words arising faster than I can pen.
Lo! If messenger what messages do I bring?
Yes, I listen and attention pay. For I have seen,
I have heard, I have received deific words,
Mind-spoken as if my heart has ears. God
Speaks equally to all who listen, men and
Women. Lo! We are chalice, nurturers of life.

As this ship, I am a vessel wave-plowing
Trackless seas, life-passing as stranger to
Who and what I am, my spirituality, my
Life destiny. Simple as complex, to temple
Ruins I must trek, not for myself, but for
Sake of scriptures, sand and time-buried.
I feel another one like myself, decades
Past, awoke one morn, realizing, this day,
This hour, this moment before God, arose
New person, humbled by such fate, love,
And obedience as messenger of his word.

Courage steadfast, I unveil my face, my
Soul to destiny, shining light divine, as
Waves to bright sun, heaving, reaching
Upward, crests light-filled. Thus is my
Journey written amongst the stars. Yet,
In revelations divine, finite mortalities
I discern, fleshed bone, human frailties,
Daunting tasks awaiting. Impassioned
Prayers for freedom answered, parents,
Rich family, wind at my back, from east
I sail, troubles horizon-fading.

“In the Temple,” Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1871, WikiArt.

Two days rest on shores of Crete, fruit
And water fresh, prayers in temple solitude,
Accustomed chants, market-places, map
Reader I shall seek, familiar with ink-faded
Ancient script, secrets parchment holds.
Not far from docks I roam, safety of guarded
Ships, she unloads amphorae, takes on more
Cargo, passengers I am told, desert travelers,
Bedouin, who know dunes as Captain knows
The sea, as I wish to know God and what
He holds for me.

Steps closer to Libyan desert sands, Symerya receives divine revelation
whilst shipboard. Mysteries of past will be brought to bright daylight.

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