“Few bites to eat, big dark eyes, watchful for danger.”

Friendship based on food, mornings
And odd evenings, stray cat cautiously
Approaching, mewling, suspicious of
Anything out of ordinary, me wearing
Muck books, boat lines piled on back
Patio, few sniffs, judgement passed, we
Were okay for now. I realized this is how
He survived, stray cat weary of strangers,
Unusual sounds, barking dogs, sudden

Wet from morning rain, we sat six-feet
Apart. Me watching him cleaning, looking
Around, cleaning again, always on look-
Out, makings of ship’s captain, few bites
To eat, big dark eyes, watchful for danger.
Then without acknowledgement, he walked
Away, sullen as this overcast morn. I
followed in his direction. He was gone,
Slipped into shadows of nearby hedges,
My stray cat morning.

Rainy morning on the shore, look who showed up for breakfast.

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