To love, we were the strangers.
To love, we were the strangers.

Love is a stranger, flat and featureless sea,
Void of wind or sun, beset in opaque clouds,
My life has come undone. For now, I have
Memories, what love used to be, moments
Touching eyes and heart, when passions
Burned and glowed, shameless love divinely
Wounding heart and mortal female frame.

Evenings at roaring beach, push and pull
Of wind and surf, tears bursting forth,
Sister and self, we were admixed as one,
Sea and land united and disjoined. O!
Buoyant wave, rising, welling, rhythmic
Sweep, passions tasted, oblivion deep,
Possessed by no one but ourselves.

Such were our everlasting days, dancers
Dancing, our place by men unchallenged,
Until the end came. For one of us, love
Was no more, we lingered as a couple,
Out of habit or by spite, I knew not which,
Until one of us yielded, quietly walked
Away. To love, we were the strangers.

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