“Immeasurable sea exists between us…”

When you are gone, immeasurable sea
Exists between us, not knowing when
Or where. Bright daylight, world busy
Round me, I understand why you leave,
Parting ways, ship plowing waves, life’s
Desire, all things we have talked about,
Agreed on. Yet in darkness, my anchor
Missing, I feel woman adrift.

No, it’s not your fault, or mine, or the
Dark-blue uniform you wear, hard work,
Sacrifices made for stripes upon your
Sleeve, but with each one, it wore more
On me, more responsibility, time away
Meant less of you. Yes, I have accepted
This, our marriage, partnering we have
made, weeks at sea with no word.

My secret, when you returned home,
Immeasurable sea dwells within us.
Re-united strangers, we are two women
Sharing a flat, wedding rings, bed large
Enough we don’t touch. At night, you
Startle awake, unfamiliar sounds,
Realizing you are here, not there. Still
adrift, I yearn for steadying touch.

For those who work or live on or near the sea, whether fishers
or u
niformed services, they know the immeasurable sea.
My off-shore photo during winter ocean gale. Yes b’y.

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