"Pillars of Creation" within the Eagle Nebula, NASA photo on Wikipedia.
“Pillars of Creation” within the Eagle Nebula, NASA photo on Wikipedia.

When friends arrived, they were concerned
For my family, yet I was standing on the
Front lawn a
s they pressed by, some carrying
Casseroles, others crying bringing flowers.
“I am here,” I spoke aloud, but none of them
Heard, my family g
reeted them on the front
Porch, all welcomed to
our home.  

I stood alone, perplexed, as more arrived,
Cars and trucks lined both sides of the street,
The driveway full, few parked on the grass,
Thank heaven for large front yard, more of
Grazing field for deer in early morning hours,
Then I realized that I was not quite all right,
Having turned to translucent flesh and bone.  

Another broad lawn appeared with marble
Headstones, grave-side service, same people
As before, crying and flowers, funeral canopy
For weeping family, realization that I had died,
Mental image of self, fading to transparency,
No body, arms or legs, disembodied shade
Grieving at my own funeral.  

Imperceptibly I began to move, gentle breezes
Going round and round mourners. Lofty voices
dvised, “Say goodbye.” To each, I bade farewell
Gliding in ever-widening circles, c
linging to each
Tear-traced face, to prayerful hands, 
each flower
Petal, felt upward tugging f
rom another sphere
Reaching closer to earth. 

Round and round I lifted, above cemetery and
Trees tops, floating amongst airy clouds, from
Vaporous luminescence to higher light I ascended,
“Welcome dear one,” stated chorus of warmth
And love. As events of my lifetime events sped
By, divine mercy expunged all wrongful deeds,
ark thoughts from my soul.  

My essence distilled and purified, I understood
True f
aith and forgiveness, all things glorious and
Right. Uplifting into immortal sight, I felt myself
As stardust stretched, spanning millions of years,
Pillars of Creation, atoms of my
Being a
bsorbed with other spirits. Since genesis,
I was p
resent and have returned complete.

This poem originated as a dream. 

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