Battle Harbour, Labrador, an island in the Labrador Sea.
Battle Harbour, Labrador, an island in the Labrador Sea.

Realization that home is far away is
Troublesome, decisions difficult to
Make or understand. After a year in
Virginia, my inner tide flows unrelenting
North to Labrador. A mixture of happiness
And sorrow, Atlantic Canada must give
Way to higher latitudes, of shores fore-
Boding and remote, an austere beauty
Rarely caught by human eye or reshaped
By the pinions of man.

My place of peace, Labrador, is among
Her high sloped beaches, stretches of
Barren rock and evergreens that overlook
The sea, where Vikings, my father’s father
Trod, exploring, navigating, defining love
And life in a glorious, yet tragic history.

Yes, I have beheld the splendor: stillness
Of her mountain lakes, the wind and its
Solemn voice, snow-crested mountains
Where shaman seek strength of solitude,
Searching wisdom in the open hand of
Time. Here, I can walk and live among
Her noble places and pray they restore
My soul, provide a foothold as to who I
Am, a gathering hope, an aspiration of
Heavenly climbs.

The embers of burnt bridges mark new
Beginnings, and force me north without
Recourse. My love, where do we go from
Here? We can begin anew as sisters or
Lovers, in many ways one the same.
Decision rests with you. Then you, too,
My dear, can live in wondrous light, in
Breezes free. Place your sturdy hand
In mine and embrace possibilities, what
I must do with or without you. Wind and
Salt spray, an irresistible sea journey
Beckons, forever and ever, sparkling
Waves delight, new lands invite.

A time of soul-searching feeling the tug of returning to Canada.

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