Stark beauty of Koksoak River near Ungava Bay in Nunavik, Arctic Quebec.
“Isolated tundra plateau, lichen-covered stones reside…”

Isolated tundra plateau, lichen-covered
Stones reside. In walking approach, I sing
Aloud to them, prayerful hymns, parentage
Of this archaic land. In Greenlandic winds,
They spoke to me. Vikings are but restless
Visitors, homestead moments amongst
Enduring ages of eternal winter, hard-
Frozen seas. This summer evening, furs
And blanket clad, I prayed to stone gods,
Names I knew not, yet I sensed holy
Presence, Great Knowing recognized
Me, Brithe, woman of Norse clans.

Time-fractured boulder beckoned me.
Caressing touches, hands moving across
Lichen-flaked brow, immovable and
Massive, commanding lofty views of
Expanding ocean, time as ice flowing,
Apart breaking in spring thaw, snow
Buried by howling winds. This breezy
Evening, flies, mosquitoes at bay, furs
And blanket upon tundra, bed I make
Beside this stone, back resting upon
Heavy wall, primordial rites of creation,
To sleep I drifted, solitude of stones.

At first, I roused by images dreamt, epochs
Flowing as waterfalls, time unwound all
Round me, ice mountain-tall retreating,
Roaming herds of caribou, migration of
Archaic peoples, subsistence sea-living,
Paddling skin boats, Markland, Helluland,
Mountain islands more remote, beyond
Reach of Viking exploration. Stoic stones
Awaited, history unfolding, past, present,
Future as maelstrom swirling. Such stark
Images conveyed, words stone-stated,
“Winter sea-storms will reclaim this land.”

"Roamaing herds of caribou..."
“Roaming herds of caribou…”

Alas! Love-benevolence for silent stones
Changed to fearful awe, arbiters of earthly
Fates, beckoning forces past understanding.
My mind grappled with visions received, cold
Descending on Viking homesteads, grazing
Grasslands cold-blighted, animals dying,
Vikings persevering despite fiords summer-
Frozen. Norse children born this year would
Witness beginning of the end. Of my dreams,
No one listened, Norse Greenland life too
Abundant and wealth-filled. Thus is my
Saga, “Solitude of Stones.”

Poem of envisioned climate change, thought to be contributing
factor for Vikings leaving Greenland. For more, see this video:

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