“Night,” Edward Burne-Jones, 1870, WikiArt.

Twilight moments between dusk and night,
Sun lingering below horizon, transparent
Light, two realms merged, corporeal and
Spirit, existing, walking in same plane,
Shadowed forms, moving vapors, invisible
Made whole, fleeting images in corner of
Eye. “I see you,” I whispered, fearing lonely
Soul would vanish, night nearing on desolate
Seashores. “In death we visit what we loved
In life,” drifting female form stated, breeze-
Like voice, pastel purple hues.

Thus, we stood shoulder to misty light,
Evening ocean surf washing at our feet,
Stretches of empty beach visited by the
Dead. Alas! I felt out-of-place, trespassing
At their edge of time. Yet, I felt as if sea
Brought us together, common bond, ebb
And flow of tides, something larger than
Ourselves rushing toward us, touching,
Then retreating, ocean rhythms. “Life is
But one plane,” voice offered. “One we
Oft yearn for, eternal dawning morn.”

“Reclining Nude Figure of Girl,” Thomas Dewing, WikiArt.

Until nightfall, I remained along familiar
Grassy dunes, seabirds taking shelter
Beyond my reach, though watching for
Final bite to eat before beaks to feathered
Back, warming air they breathed. I watched
As ghostly visitors glided amongst sleeping
Seabirds, few wings stirring as they passed.
“Here we will remain the night,” shadowed
Friend advised. Moon and stars rising, surf
Lapping on beach, ghosts gathering in
Flocks, sleeping with seagulls.

Inspired by an evening on beach at Assateague Island, Virginia,
rotating lighthouse beams, flocking seabirds, mysteries of the night. 

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