"Mischief and Repose," John William Godward, 1895, WikiArt photo.
“Mischief and Repose,” John William Godward, 1895, WikiArt photo.

Tonight I listen to our unison breathing,
Rhythmic and rising, tides ebbing and
Flowing, we sleep as one heart and soul,
Safety against coastal storms, when Nor’
Easters howl, curtains breeze-moving,
Rain sprinkling on our bed, amorous
Delights of two ocean women.

Sleeping entwined, far we have progressed,
Relationship of understanding, t
rust, and
Love, our life adjacent to sea a
nd salty sand,
Wind-waving ocean grasses, we are coupled
And inseparable, hand-in-hand, hair cut
Unmercifully short, colourful tattoos on
Muscular arms and legs.

Whilst admiring soft contours of your face,
You stir, slumbery pillow movements, eyes
Startled wide, room darting, gauging me as
Strangers would, glaring stares of an inter-
Loper from archaic Grecian shores, realizing
Who and where we are, time-entangled,
Spiraling to marble porticoes.

Union of heaven and earth, do I call you
Dream or sister? Verses of dawning light,
Eternal flame in fleshed bone, my sacred
Muse, passions ascending, be not confined
To Ægean Seas, leave me not this night nor
Never, evoke avenging spells and chants,
Cast my lover’s sleeping soul to storm.

Alas, whose sleeping soul has been cast to storm,
the narrator’s or that of the sleeping lover?

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