“Portrait of an Old Woman,” Guido Reni, 1630, WikiArt.

Night waking, wind’s ceaseless song, sea
Storms, winter gales, shipwrecked tales told
In mournful wails, flotsam foreshores drifting,
Legends children learnt by flickering hearth
Flames, gusts round chimney howling. Yet,
Another legend is fireside whispered, elder
Shepherd clans, pipe-puffing men, few women,
Aside from Skena, witnessed malevolent clouds.
“What do you believe, Skena?” children asked,
Inquisitive faces staring at her deep-set eyes,
Bone-shell necklace, charmed knotted strings
Woven into graying hair.

“Yes, I have known darkening cloud,” Skena,
began. “Forest folk taking familiar paths, no
Dangers fearing, engulfed by opaque mist.”
From her woolen shawl, amber amulet she
Revealed. “By this, I was protected from
Certain death.” Low voice she said, “First
Luminous light appearing, benevolent sun,
Opaque-grey turning, upon weary travelers,
Cold-snow tendrils descended. “Cunning
Thing it was, not of earth or of heaven,
Crawling movement, frost made on trees,
Snapping frozen trunks and branches.”

“Within this cloud, I dared gaze,” Skena
Whispered, crooked finger pointing at each
Child. “Another self I gleaned, not mirror
But soul diviner, mist being, blood-heart
Fast freezing, flesh clawing, possessing my
Living corpse.” Amulet Skena grasped, to
Saints, I prayed aloud, winds building on
Island heights, where sunlit furies flew.
“But what of forest folk?” children asked.
“O! Tale of woe is theirs,” Skena answered
“When malevolent cloud wind-dissolved,
Ice-entombed bones we found, never thawing
Under months of summer sun.”

Ich schrieb ursprünglich dieses Gedicht in Deutscher Sprache mit Hauptfigur,
Gryswalda. Danach habe ich es für ein paar Tage beiseite gelegt und neu
geschrieben Diese Version mit der alten schottischen Skena als Hauptfigur.
Danke fürs Lesen. 

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